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      Address:No.6, Gangkou Avenue, Baizhang Industrial Park, Xinbei District, Changzhou
      Contact:Mir shi
      Phone:0519-85866622                   0519-85866776

         Our product range includes industrial radiators. We are leading manufacturer of transformer radiator from China. Jiangsu Tengqi Electronic Equipment Technology Co., LTD Is a industry &trade the integrated enterprise, the company is located in changzhou new north environmental protection industry park, covering an area of 14950 m2, building area of 10200 m2 and registered capital of 5 million yuan, the main production transformer with chip radiator and business;Click out more .....

    We manufacture Transformer Radiator for distribution and power transformer cooling.
    Company production of transformer with transformer radiator, USES the overseas advanced equipment testing and production, absorbs the domestic and foreign advanced technology making four automation system of production lines, the annual production capacity of 20000 tons, the main raw materials will choose domestic high quality cold-rolled steel sheet drawing roller forming, stamping, spot welding, the circle seam welded unit, unit of rainfall tube is used to connect the pieces and CO2 protection welding external welding technology, and resolve the original and exist for internal welding welding slag, scrap iron, the serious influence the quality of the host; And the strict pressure seal inspection, surface acid, phosphate, paint processing, internal heat oil flushing process and to fully guarantee the quality of the product.
    The production of transformer radiator has safe and reliable, beautiful shape, fuel-efficient, section, reliable seal degree, heat dissipation effect is good, etc. Company production of SMD radiator have fixed, but SheShi series, can produce 535 mm wide, of 520 mm and 480 mm and 310 mm, the center distance 500-4000 mm, also according to the needs of user of design and development of special specifications chip radiator.
    The company is after the national grid research, examination of the qualified supplier, and through ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, in 2011 year rated as hi-tech enterprise. The company product 10 KV-63 KV transformer with constant temperature type chip radiator and 110 KV / 220 KV transformer with constant temperature type chip radiator is recognized for high-tech .
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